“Open The Box”: Writing Exercise #1

February 18th, 2021 The following fictional short story is a writing exercise inspired by a prompt taken from “A Creative Writer’s Kit” by Judy Reeves. “Callie, have you seen my keys?” Her mother Lydia, asked as she felt around in her jacket pocket without any luck. The little girl shook her head as she timidly… Continue reading “Open The Box”: Writing Exercise #1

Imposter Syndrome & Creative Writing

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 So here we are, nearly 1 year into the pandemic, 1 year into this blog being “live”, and I have made only 2 posts during the whole of 2020. I honestly cannot say I am surprised. Discipline for me has always been a struggle, starting and stopping and starting and stopping… Continue reading Imposter Syndrome & Creative Writing

Writing a Thesis During a Pandemic

Science and research are never easy or straightforward. There are always bumps in the road or hiccups along the research path; a false positive result, no result, a result you didn’t expect, reagents not arriving on time, broken machines, you name it. To continue doing research you need to be adaptable and comfortable giving up… Continue reading Writing a Thesis During a Pandemic