“When I opened my eyes…” (Escapril #1)

The following is a part of a 30-day writing challenge Escapril started by author Savannah Brown.

When I opened my eyes I saw her staring back at me, her eyes like cracked sea glass glinting in the light of early morning. A lost little soul belonging to no one but herself.

We first met that late summer afternoon when I found her tangled in the barbed wire outside my window. Our souls have remained tangled ever since. A symbiosis of sorts: her needing care, me desiring something to care for.

It is days like these when I envy her. She is governed by her instincts, something I wish we had in common. I watch as she climbs the trees and stretches out in the sun, soaking up the warmth as she closes her eyes. Enjoying her existence in its purest form.

I slowly pull up the window, laying out my offering on the sill. The cool breeze finds my cheeks as I close my eyes.

#escapril #escapril2022

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