Livi Laree

Science, Social Justice & Writing

Limbs: A Poem (Escapril #3)

The following is a part of a 30-day writing challenge, Escapril, started by author Savannah Brown.

You used to be a part of me. Living in harmony with the rest of my body, you were as attached to me as I was to you.

Diseased. Gangrenous. You threatened to spread your poison to my heart

I am learning to live without you now, relearning how to exist without you there. Yet sometimes I find myself still trying to lean on you only to be reminded of your absence when my face finds the floor.

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Hey! My name is Livi. I am a travel enthusiast, writer, and biomedical student researcher. I write about my experiences with travel, graduate school, science, and being a womxn in STEM as well as short stories and poems.


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