About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Livi Laree (pronouns: she/they).

A bit about me: I am a recent college graduate, and hold my Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Womxn, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I live in Chicago,IL with my cat Monae, but I love to travel and have been to many places in the USA and Europe (when there wasn’t a global pandemic). I plan on pursuing a Master’s in a biomedical field and eventually want earn my PhD and become a professor and faculty researcher.

This blog is meant to be a creative outlet for me to document my journey moving across the country and earning my PhD, as well as my experience as a woman and queer person in STEM. You will find intersecting topics of science, education, study abroad, feminism, social justice and creative writing as these are key components of my life and my career path.

I hope to foster an inclusive space and grow a community where thoughtful and respectful discussion can occur.

Let’s start a discussion!

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